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German Office:
D'Agostini Org.
80538 Munich (DE)
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D'Agostini Org.
33100 Udine
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03002 Alicante
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Austrian Patent Office
Belgian Patent Office (Ministry of Economic Affairs)
Danish Patent Office
Direction de l'Expansion Économique - Division de la Propriété Intellectuelle (Monaco)
German Patent Office / Deutsches Patent - und Markenamt
Oficina Españolade Patentes y Marcas
Greek Industrial Property Organisation
Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (France)
Italian Patent and Trademark Office
National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland
Portuguese Patent Office
Service de la Propriété Intellectuelle (Luxembourg)
Swedish Patent and Registration Office
Swiss Federal Institut of Intellectual Property
United Kingdom Patent Office
Australian Patent Office
Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
The Patent Office of the People's Republic of China - Gov.Cn.SIPO
Czech Industrial Property Office
Hungarian Patent Office
Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic
Japan Patent Office
Korean Patent Office
(Moldova) State Agency on Industrial Property Protection of the Republic of Moldova
Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
United States Patent and Trademark Office
World Intellectual Property Organization

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