There are different types of trademarks that can be registered with the competent offices. The main categories of trademarks include:

  1. Word trademarks: they consist exclusively of words, letters or numbers, without any graphic or figurative elements. Protection extends to the name regardless of the graphic representation.
  2. Figurative trademarks: they consist of a drawing, image or logo, without any words or letters.
  3. Mixed trademarks: they consist of a combination of word and figurative elements.
  4. Shape trademarks: they consist of the three-dimensional shape of a product or its packaging.
  5. Position trademarks: they consist of an image or design that is used in a specific position within a product or packaging.
  6. Sound trademarks: they consist of a sound or melody that is used to identify a good or service.
  7. Motion trademarks, also known as animated trademarks or dynamic trademarks, use animation or motion to create a distinctive and recognizable visual effect. These trademarks consist of a sequence of moving images or a video that is used to identify a good or service.

Based on the specific needs of the client and the good or service to be protected, we can assess which types of trademark are the most appropriate to obtain the maximum protection of the trademark.